Still Alive

I’m making a note here…
Yeah, I’m still around. Been through a lot in the last few months. Moved across the country, health issues, the list goes on. Scattered in there are a few things on the project front.

The AR-10 platform is ready for DuraCoat and final assembly. Excited on that one. I have a number of modifications that I can do to it and have planned, but need to complete some other projects first.

Other projects include converting my Hi-Torque Mini Mill to CNC. Please go check that out on my channel on YouTube.

Project Mjolnir is slowly moving along. To get there I plan on building a few other bolt guns to work out design considerations. I’m using Fusion 360 and it has been fantastic. What’s even better is it lets me do CAM as well and it’s free currently.
I am hoping to get two stainless bolt guns built yet this year. One will be chambered in 300 WinMag and the other in something that tickles my fancy, 8x68S. Spendy little buggar on the brass, but then again it’s not the kind of rifle you go to the range and pump a few hundred rounds though in a practice session. Speaking of which…
Now that I’m in a better location in the country I have been able to join a local Rifle and Pistol Club. That has been really great and I have participated in an IDPA weekly shoot. That was really cool and shows how much I have yet to learn.

Check back soon, I’m really trying to focus on getting this site more updates and videos on YouTube.

Life gets in the way

Sometimes things like having kids, job reassignments, building new projects, and job reassignment will get in the way of being able to routinely update your website. In light of that, here is a brief update.

All firearm projects are pending. A work reassignment has temporarily separated me from my shop, so building firearms will have to wait. The good news is that has given me the opportunity to delve into other projects and interests like a dive computer and an inertial navigation system. Yeah, you read that correctly. I’m using Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s in ways I had not thought of before, and I get to take them to work which is really cool.

On the firearm front, I will be building something on the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms as well as a 1911.

Once the rest of the parts come in I’ll be posting more on the dive computer and such, and we may even get into Closed Circuit Rebreathers.

Proof is in the puddin

Winchester 170gr soft point factory loads
Winchester 170gr soft point factory loads

Well, there are some paint touch ups that need to be made but I must say that the initial results during break in and sight in are very promising. The lower grouping is about an inch and a quarter, and my last group before it got too dark has a flyer. The first two are 0.625 and the third flyer is about 0.750. This weekend I’m going to work up some hand loads and do a proper range setup to see how the setup will do. Full post and photos to come.

Christmas in July, and one big step forward

The good folks at Pac-Nor made today an amazing Friday and put me one huge step closer to a project that has been going on for nearly a decade. I still need to final fit to the receiver and then make the fiberglass stock, but I now have the last piece I need to make the build happen. Project Mjolnir is on temporary hold.

8mm Mauser, 22" Med. Palma contour.
8mm Mauser, 22″ Med. Palma contour.

Overdue updates

Slow progress, but progress none the less. I finally settled on a parent case for Project Mjolnir, 338 Lapua. Having decided what case I will use I went ahead and ordered up 20 pieces of brass to resize and have started on the sizing die reamer. I have also received the receiver blank I ordered from that I will be building the rifle off of.



#5 rebar knives and an A2 Tool steel
#5 rebar knives and an A2 Tool steel

These are the first few knives from the forge. The bottom two are from what I hope to turn into a series. Both have been tested thoroughly and are holding up really well. The trick is to get high grade rebar and check the MillCert on it to confirm carbon content.

Hello world!

The first thing most programmers will display on their screen when they learn to write code is ‘Hello world!’, and while the means and methods of achieving this display have become easier come by there is still a rite of passage that must be observed. At least I feel that way.

Welcome to my site.